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4 Reasons To Choose Ductless Air Conditioning For Your Older Home

by Yolanda White

Older homes often present various challenges when you're seeking air conditioning services. For example, most of them lack ductwork, and hence, the installation of a ducted air conditioning system requires massive reconstruction work. 

Also, some of them don't have reliable insulation, making it difficult to create the ideal indoor air quality. Luckily, you can escape these problems by choosing a ductless air conditioning system for your old home. 

Below are four reasons to choose ductless systems for an older home. 

High Energy Efficiency

Ducted systems are usually prone to energy loss due to leaking ducts. This not only affects their efficiency, but the lost energy may also lead to a rise in your utility costs. 

Ductless mini-splits provide air directly into your living space. Thus, no energy is lost through leaks in the ducts. As a testament to the energy efficiency of ductless systems, they have pretty high EER and SEER ratings. You can have the perfect indoor air quality without overspending on energy. 

Easy to Install

Installing a ducted air conditioning system can be complicated, especially for a house without ductwork. You may have to break down walls, ceilings, and floors to accommodate the ductwork system. 

Apart from being expensive, this can tamper with the original design of your old home. You'll need to seek additional air conditioning services with time, like ductwork cleaning and servicing, to keep the system in top working condition.  

With ductless mini-splits, you don't need to do major home renovations—you only need to drill a small hole in the wall. Your new air conditioner can then be ready to serve you in no time. 

Individualized Temperature Control

One of the main challenges with using traditional central air conditioners is that you have to cool the entire house, including the zones or rooms not in use. As a result, you may be spending on energy that you aren't using. 

Ductless systems allow you to control temperatures for only the rooms you are using. Additionally, you can set specific temperatures for specific areas or rooms. For example, you can set low temperatures for your kitchen and high temperatures for your bedroom, depending on your preferences. 

Improved Air Quality

Dirt, dust, and other particles may accumulate in your home, despite your best cleaning efforts. For example, if your home is near a busy gravel road, passing vehicles may blow off the dust into your home. This can be a major challenge if you're relying on a ducted system. Some dust may settle in the ducts, so once you turn on the system, it releases these particles through the vents into your indoor space. 

Ductless mini-splits have advanced multi-filtration features to remove these particulates from the air. Irrespective of where you live, you can rely on them for clean, healthy air.

If you're interested in learning more about ductless air conditioning or would like to have your home inspected to assess your options, talk to an AC company such as DR HVAC, Inc today to get started.