Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

Did Your Air Conditioner Suddenly Stop Working? 4 Possible Reasons Why

by Yolanda White

Nobody wants to live through summer without a working AC because the heat can make you very uncomfortable and restless. Unfortunately, your AC may suddenly stop working, or it may experience some difficulties while in use for reasons beyond your control. However, a technician can restore a faulty AC in no time and get you back to enjoying the cooling effects.

Below are four possible reasons why your AC may not be functioning as it should.  

Your Air Conditioner's Filters are Clogged or Dirty

Air conditioners cool your home by sucking warm air out of it. That said, the collected air contains dust particles, bacteria, and debris that get trapped in the coils and filters. As they slowly accumulate, your unit will experience clogs and blockages that restrict sufficient airflow. The result is an air conditioner with minimized efficiency that is forced to work harder to cool your home adequately. It is paramount to clean or replace dirty or clogged air filters from time to time to restore efficiency. 

Your Air Conditioner's Fuse Is Blown 

In some cases, your fuse can blow if your thermostat wire gets into contact with a metal surface. This is a serious electrical fault, and you should avoid attending to the issue to prevent shocks. Instead, hire an AC technician to attend to the problem and restore your unit's normal functioning. 

Your Air Conditioner Is Too Small 

Sometimes, your AC will not cool your home because the unit is too small for your space, which can happen if you decided to install the equipment all by yourself. If your AC is too small, it will overwork and wear out faster than it should. If you have a wrongly sized unit for your space, a professional AC technician can advise you on the best size and ensure a quality installation. 

Your Air Conditioner's Outdoor Condenser or Evaporator Is Blocked

If you notice that your unit keeps going on and off while operational, it could be because the outdoor condenser is experiencing blockage due to exposure to grass, weeds, pollen, and other particles. The blockage will make it tougher for the AC to cool the air efficiently, and you can prevent this by simply clearing out the area around the outdoor condenser.  

Residential air conditioning is essential for good indoor air quality, and you want to maintain your unit through regular checkups and repairs. Have a professional technician attend to your unit to avoid failure and costly damages.