Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

The HVAC Contractors Guide To Help You Choose The Best Efficient Technology For Your Home

by Yolanda White

When it is time to think about upgrading your furnace or AC, you want the most efficient technology available. Today, the energy-efficient technology that you can have installed with a new HVAC system is much more than a programable thermostat. The best efficient technology for comfortable heating and cooling includes:

Heating and Cooling Replacement Options

There are times when you need to replace a furnace or AC, or even both. Today, the replacement options for your heating and cooling include things like heat pumps and renewable energy systems. For an AC replacement, options like heat pumps, evaporative cooling, and geothermal HVAC can be great improvements. For furnace replacements, you might want to consider an AC heat pump solution, heating oil, or geothermal HVAC solutions.

Upgrades for HVAC Ductwork and Air Handlers

The ductwork is another area of an HVAC system that can be vulnerable and cause energy loss. There are a lot of options to update the air ducts when you are making changes to your HVAC system. Better ductwork designs can reduce energy loss and improve the performance of your HVAC system. This can be done by installing new air handlers and plenums with the right-sized ductwork to maximize the efficiency of the system.

Improvements for Airflow and Blower Fans

If you want better efficiency from your HVAC system, improvements that provide better airflow are crucial. First, more efficient blowers that provide airflow efficiency can be installed. These can be variable-speed solutions that provide airflow according to the needs of your HVAC system. So, if only one area needs heating or cooling, less energy will be used to send the air to these areas. This makes your HVAC more efficient with a simple and affordable improvement.

HVAC Controls That Are Smart and More Efficient

The controls are other important components of your HVAC system. These can be more than just smart thermostats and include efficient controls for the furnace and equipment. Options like zoned AC designs can further help improve the efficiency of these systems. These controls can also include separate thermostats for different zones in your home to maximize the comfort and efficiency of your system. This is great if your home has multiple floors or if you have a finished basement that you want to separate from the main HVAC system.

Replacing your outdated furnace with modern technology will make your home more efficient and comfortable this winter. Contact an HVAC contractor for more information.