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The Options For Ductless Heating Solutions To Keep You Warm This Winter

by Yolanda White

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient heating solution for your home, you may want to consider a ductless system. Today, ductless heating systems are available in a variety of designs to provide your home with efficient heating. The following ductless heating system options are ideal for keeping your home warm efficiently this winter:

Simple Systems With Electric Heating Elements

The most affordable and simplest heating design of a ductless system is one with a heating element. These are often systems that have a simple design and are only used for heating. If you are only looking for a heating solution, consider a ductless system that has the heating element design. These systems may not have cooling features other than a fan, but they are an affordable solution to provide your home with the heating it needs. These systems are also easy to install, and they can be added to existing systems to expand the heating in your home if needed.

Complete Heat Pump Systems for HVAC in the Main Living Space

There are also options for a complete heat pump system that can be installed for heating and cooling. Factors that you will want to consider for a complete ductless HVAC system include:

  • Use a system that is the right size for the needs of your home
  • Find a central location for more effective heating and air conditioning
  • Install modern controls that help make using your new ductless heating easier

With a good design and a central location, a single ductless heat pump will be able to heat and cool your home all year. This is a great solution if the main living space is in the center of your home. It may not provide heating and cooling for your entire home, but it will provide relief when you need it. You may want to install additional heating element units in your home where the heat is needed during the winter months.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps for More Heating Throughout Your Home

Another option that you will want to consider for your system is a mini-split design. These are systems that use a single heat pump to power several indoor air handlers. These are great solutions if you need a system with a zoned design that can provide HVAC to your entire home. These systems usually have two or more indoor air handlers that deliver heating and cooling to your home when it is needed.

The heating system that you have installed in your home can be an affordable solution for your winter energy needs. Call a ductless heating system installation business, such as Century Heating & A/C Inc, and ask them about these solutions for your home's winter heating needs.