Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

4 Things To Discuss With Your Air Conditioning Contractor When You Want To Add An AC System

by Yolanda White

If you're tired of struggling through hot summers with fans or window air conditioners, it's time to think about having a better air conditioning system installed. If you already have a forced-air furnace, you may be able to use parts of it for the air conditioning system and save on costs. Here are some things to discuss with your air conditioning contractor about adding a new AC.

1. The Need For An Electrical Upgrade

A central air conditioner will demand more power than a furnace alone, so you'll want to make sure your electrical system can handle the higher power needs. Ask your air conditioning contractor about the power requirements of the unit you've selected so an electrician can upgrade your electrical panel if needed.

2. The Compatibility Of Your Furnace

Your contractor will also make sure the furnace is suitable for the air conditioner addition. The AC can use the blower, but the AC will require the addition of evaporator coils. Refrigerant flows through these coils, so they are essential to the AC. The contractor has to ensure the coils can be added and that your furnace is still in good enough shape to add on an air conditioner, or if it's best to replace the furnace when the AC is added.

3. The Suitability Of The Ducts

If your current furnace and ducts are suitable for use with a new AC, you'll save a lot of money on the installation. The size of the current ducts was determined based on the size of your furnace and the fact that warm air would flow through them. It's possible the ducts won't be large enough to handle colder, heavier air. However, this is something your air conditioning contractor can calculate and talk to you about.

If evaporator coils can be added to the furnace and the ducts are a good match too, then the contractor will install the condenser outside and connect the refrigerant lines and condensation lines to the furnace inside. Then, you'll be able to enjoy summers in cool comfort without the need for noisy and erratic window air conditioners.

4. The Option Of Installing A Ductless AC

If it turns out adding an AC is not a good idea with your current furnace set up, talk to your air conditioning contractor about a ductless system. A ductless air conditioner doesn't even need ducts, and it comes with its own air blower that mounts on the wall. A ductless system cools just as well as a central AC and it could be the perfect solution for cooling your home.

To learn more about installing an AC unit in your home, contact an air conditioning contractor in your area.