Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

Try These Efficient AC Alternative Solutions For The Home

by Yolanda White

Since there can be such dramatic changes in temperature highs and lows throughout the years, it can be difficult to determine if you really want to install a central air conditioning unit. If you have had a hard time dealing with some hot summers, but you don't know if you would use a central air conditioner enough to justify the cost, there are some efficient and affordable cooling units to explore. In fact, a large central air unit may not be what you need, especially if you don't have a large house. Here are some alternatives to talk with the air conditioning installation professionals about.

Geothermal Cooling

Use a unit that doesn't create cold air to stream through the house to bring down the temperature, but instead removes the hot, muggy air. A geothermal cooling unit will take out the heat and the humidity, and allow cool air to then fill the space.

This is a common HVAC unit used in countries that have year-round hot weather, and it's a very efficient way to cool the home. The energy used to power this unit will be far less than what is needed to power an air conditioning unit. 

Attic Fan Installation

Trapped air in the attic of the house makes the entire home warm. If you have an attic fan, you can suck the hot air out of the attic to release it, and heat can then escape the house again since hot air rises. This will make a significant difference when it comes to keeping the house cooler.

Small Ductless Cooling Units

Ask the air conditioning installation professional if you could just get one small ductless unit that requires minimal electricity and is ventilated with a tube that will go outside of the home. This can be put in a central area and will be used on days when the heat is unusually high.

The air conditioning service professional may have many other suggestions for you on how to keep the house cool during the warmer months. Make sure that you are keeping the direct sunlight out if you have a lot of windows and the sun shines through for most of the day. Get estimates on all of the updates and changes you can utilize to get your home cool efficiently, and at a low cost. This way you aren't afraid of wasting money on a large central unit.