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3 Ways To Avoid Plumbing Problems After A Trip To The Beach

by Yolanda White

You might not have really thought about how a trip to the beach can cause plumbing problems, but this might be more of a problem than you think. A few ways that you can help avoid plumbing problems after a trip to the beach have been listed here.

1. Rinse Off Before Getting in the Shower

First of all, it's always a good idea to rinse off before getting in the shower. Otherwise, sand and pieces of seashells, along with other debris, can end up clogging up your shower drain. This can make for a miserable shower, since you probably don't want to stand in standing shower water when you're trying to wash off after a beach trip. Plus, it can lead to a more serious clog later on. Rinsing off outside with a water hose, or using the public showers available at the beach before you head home, is a good idea.

2. Be Careful About Washing Sea Shells in the Sink

If you and your family brought home sea shells as a nice souvenir from your trip, you may want to wash them off so that you can store or display them or use them for crafts. However, if you rinse them off in the sink, you run the risk of dropping small shells down the drain, which can cause a clog. The sand that is washed off of your seashells could end up clogging your drain, too. Rinsing off seashells outdoors is the better solution.

3. Avoid Putting a Sandy Bathing Suit in the Washing Machine

Lastly, when it's time to wash you and your family's bathing suits, make sure that you don't put them in the washing machine while they are covered with sand. This can lead to clogs or can damage your washing machine. Instead, hang them up outdoors so that they can dry, then shake off as much of the sand as you can before putting them in the washing machine. Also, check the care instructions for your swimsuit; it might suggest that you wash your suit by hand anyway rather than putting it in the washing machine. If this is the case, you'll still want to get as much sand off of your suits before bringing them indoors to wash so that you can avoid sink clogs.

After a fun trip to the beach, the last thing you probably want to be stressed out about is dealing with plumbing problems. If you aren't careful, though, plumbing problems could arise. The tips above should help you avoid dealing with any plumbing issues, but if you do still have problems, make sure that you call a trusted plumbing services company in your area for help. Otherwise, minor plumbing issues could become more serious!