Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

3 Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Water From The Vents

by Yolanda White

Ahh—there's nothing quite as comfortable as a chilled home in the heat of a summer day when the sun is scorching, and the breeze is hot enough to bake. Your home air conditioner sure does work hard to keep you comfortable, but sometimes, an old air conditioning unit can have some odd quirks that seem to come out of nowhere, and blowing moisture is one of them. If you place your face in front of an AC vent to chill those sweat beads and instead get splattered with water droplets, it is definitely not a good sign. Here's a look at what could be happening. 

1. You could have water inside of your ducts. 

Water in the ducts is not something you want. It is a surefire sign that you are going to have problems with mold and mildew sometime down the road. However, it is also a good sign that somewhere along the lines, your ducts have been compromised, and moisture or condensation has been allowed to seep inside. With a flashlight and an understanding of the duct layout, you may be able to track down the problem, but it is best to trust these repairs to an air conditioner maintenance service just to make sure the problem is completely eradicated. 

2. You could have a problem with a clogged condensation drain line. 

Because the process of cooling hot air involves a fair amount of condensation, especially during high temperatures, there is a drainage line that radiates from the AC unit to a drain inside the house or outside the house. If this drainage line becomes blocked, it can cause problems with drainage backflow, and this moisture can easily find its way back through your system and then blown out into the ducts. Check the drainage line on your AC to make sure it is draining. If not, you have to do whatever it takes to get it fixed. 

3. You may have something as simple as a clogged air filter. 

Not changing your air filter regularly as you should could create problems with moisture inside of the air being blown from your AC unit. If there is not enough air flow through the filter, it can cause the condenser to freeze over pretty rapidly. Small ice crystals can get trapped inside the unit where they eventually get spit out into the air that is funneling through the air vents.

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