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The Advantages Of Through-The-Wall AC Units

by Yolanda White

Are you going to add some air conditioning to your home, or even just to one room? If you are looking for a smaller system, one that is not intended to cool down your entire property, there are a few choices available. The most common air conditioning systems for small-scale cooling are window units, portable units, and through-the-wall units. Each of these systems works pretty much the same. 

They basically use electricity, and no fuel or air ducts, to create and pump cold air into the home. Since they are so small, they are designed for small to medium-sized rooms. This article explains how through-the-wall AC units work and should help you determine if they are the best choice for your cooling needs.

What are Through-the-Wall Units?

Through-the-wall units are the least common of the three, especially when it comes to installing them in existing buildings. First of all, a through-the-wall unit is going to require more construction than the other two options. Basically, you need to punch a hole into your wall so that the unit can access both the inside and outside of your home. 

Instantly, many homeowners will be turned off by this because of the fact that you will have to pay for the extra construction. Of course, having to damage your walls (on both sides) will encourage some people to just use window units.

Many people don't like having units mounted in the middle of their walls, where they are visible and permanent. On the other hand, some homeowners will appreciate having a permanent unit that is always there and reliable. In fact, through-the-wall units, compared to window and portable units, are usually more energy efficient Window units can be extremely wasteful because their surroundings are insulated by thin glass and not several inches of glass. Also, since window units are sealed with plastic panels that fit next to the movable sash, air leakage is very common, even if the unit is properly installed.

Through-the-wall units are perfectly sealed and protected by the thickness of the wall. So, you can rest assured that cold air, and only cold air, will be pumping into your home, while hot air, and only hot air, is being pumped out of it.

Through-the-wall AC units might seem to be rather drastic, and you definitely need to consider the implications of installing such a permanent fixture on your home. But, once you start to enjoy that cold, fresh air, you will certainly be glad. For more information, contact a company like Service 1 Heating & A/C Inc.