Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

How To Keep Up Your HVAC Filter

by Yolanda White

Nobody is particularly fond about paying utility bills, especially if they keep getting higher from month to month. Often, you just need to trim your usage of major appliances, especially those connected to the HVAC system. However, the problem could be that your HVAC system is just not running efficiently. Often, with a few repairs here, and maintenance there, you can greatly increase the efficiency of both your heating and air conditioning functions. This article explains how important it is to keep up your air filtering system.

Keep a Clean Filter

One of the best ways to ensure you have an efficient HVAC system is to make sure it always has a clean filter. Filter replacement is something that most homeowners don't to as often as suggested. It is very easy to forget to replace your filter on a regular basis. That being said, it is also very easy to check your filter to see if it needs to be replaced. You can probably check your filter in a matter of 30 seconds. Once you know where it is, you just pull out of place, and look at.

If there is dust buildup between the ridges, replace it immediately. The best method for keeping track of your filter is to simply write the change date on the sticker directly on your furnace. Also, you can use modern smart phone calendars to set reminders.

Don't Bother Cleaning Your Filter

You should never really mess with trying to clean your filters for two reasons. First of all, actually cleaning the filter is nearly impossible because the felt is so sticky. Also, cleaning the outside of the filter does not mean that the inside will be clean. Some people think that, if the outside of the filter is white, the inside is also. Really, once dust starts to build up on the outside, it just means that the inside is too dirty to absorb any more dust.

Keep the Filter Compartment Clean

Another key to filter maintenance is to clean out the empty filter compartment on a regular basis. That is, after you take out an old filter, and before you put a new one in place, you should clean the empty compartment. This is an important job because the compartment often gets dirty, especially if the filters are not changed in time. When the compartment is dirty, the new filter you installed ends up getting dirty much quicker.

Regular and consistent filter maintenance is one of the cornerstones of a healthy HVAC system. If the filter is not replaced as recommended, you will probably end up with a number of other issues with your furnace. Contact a company, like Advanced Air Quality Services, for more help.