Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

Why Get An AC Service Contract

by Yolanda White

Planning on having an air conditioner installed in the near future? One thing that your AC technician may try to sell you is a service contract. While you may normally consider this an upsell so that they can make a few extra bucks, an AC service contract is not something you should disregard. There are actually several benefits of getting an AC service contract that you may not have thought of:

You'll Save Money

Yes, it is quite possible that you'll save money in the long run by getting an AC service contract. This is because most homeowners don't want to perform regular maintenance of their air condition, and often ignore the appliance until something happens to go wrong with it. By then, you end up spending more for a costly repair than if you just maintained the system over the years. Getting a new air conditioner is a great reason to commit yourself to regular maintenance.

For example, one thing you probably don't expect to deal with is debris and dirt that gets sucked into the unit. Part of the dirt will get trapped by the unit's air filter, though part of it does get inside the air conditioner where the cooling coils are located. You may not realize how all this debris can cause the airflow to be restricted, which makes an air conditioner work much harder than it needs to when cooling down your house.

A part of having an AC service contract is that a professional will come and clean the air conditioner, correcting any problem with airflow before they become a huge problem. You'll save on costly repair and by using a more energy efficient unit.

You'll Protect The Warranty

Your new air conditioner will come with a warranty from the manufacturer that lasts for several years. However, you may not be aware that the warranty depends on you doing certain things to maintain the air conditioner. This includes having the air conditioner properly installed and maintained while it is in use.

It is often required to submit proof of having your air conditioner serviced before having any warranty work done on it. This is where having an AC service contract can really be helpful, since it would have motivated you to get maintenance done and show proof that it happened. The company that provides your AC service contract may even be able to handle the warranty work for you.

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