Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

Staying Cool Without Spending A Lot On Electricity

by Yolanda White

If you have a portable upright air conditioning unit that you use to cool the interior of your apartment building in warmer months, it is likely you want it to work up to par when the temperature rises. Along with the increase in air conditioning use comes an increase in electrical use, often making bills rise as a result. To aid in keeping your electricity at a minimal cost, try some of the following tips to keep cool.

Check That The Unit Is Not Being Blocked

As you move your unit to different locations within your apartment, make it a priority to check the surrounding items to be sure they are not blocking the airflow the air conditioner provides. Window coverings are often a culprit in blocking vents if you position the unit too close to the pane of glass. Outstretch the exhaust portion of the unit and position the base far enough away from the window so window treatments are not a problem. It is also important to position the unit in a spot where large pieces of furniture are not nearby blocking the passage of cool air you wish to obtain into the room.

Keep Rooms Closed That You Aren't Using

Make sure any room you are not going to be utilizing in the near future is kept closed. The door will keep the air from getting into this space, helping to cool the remainder of your apartment instead. This in turn will keep the space you are going to be using at a comfortable level. You will not need to run your air conditioning unit as frequently or for a long duration, allowing you to save much-needed money for other bills instead of going toward an increase in your electricity.

Check For Areas Where Air Escapes Your Apartment

Do a check of the windows for drafts. If you notice air is penetrating around a window frame, a quick dab of caulk will seal the area. Use a door blocking pillow along the bottom of each doorway in your apartment at times you are running your air conditioning so air does not escape outdoors. If there are cracks or crevices in the exterior of your apartment siding, your air conditioning may not work as efficiently as you would like. Ask your landlord to look into repairing larger voids so your cool air remains inside of your unit as desired.

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