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Two Common Questions About Maintaining Commercial Dryer Vents

by Yolanda White

Commercial grade dryers are essential to many businesses, but it is common for individuals that have only recently started a laundromat to underestimate the importance of maintaining these devices. In particular, the vents can accumulate a shocking amount of dirt and debris, which can severely impact the performance of the unit. Fortunately, learning the following couple of answers to common dryer maintenance questions will help you to be a more informed owner.

Why Should You Put A Metal Screen Over The Exterior Vent?

One of the more commonly overlooked threats to your vents are nests from certain animals. In particular, rodents and birds have a habit of choosing dryer vents as a nesting place. Unfortunately, their nests can restrict the airflow through the vent, and they may also lead to a fire hazard as they are often made of dry twigs and leaves. 

Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by placing a metal screen over the exterior vent. This screen will prevent these pests from entering the vent, but you need to make sure that screen's holes are large enough to allow the lint from the dryer to escape. If you are unsure of this, there are commercial dryer maintenance companies that can perform this task for you. 

How Is The Vent Cleaned?

In addition to keeping animals from nesting in your vent, you will also need to have it cleaned throughout the year. While this may sound like an inconvenient task, it is actually relatively simple, and a professional contractor will usually be able to have a single vent cleaned in a matter of minutes. 

The first step in the process is to vacuum as much of the lint and debris as possible. Once this has been done, a special tool is used to scrape the inside of the vent clean. Lastly, a sanitizing solution is flushed through the vent. While it may sound that you could do this work without a professional, it should be noted that if you do this work incorrectly, you will risk causing extensive damage to the vent. For example, it would be possible for you to inadvertently puncture the side of the vent, which can lead to moisture damage inside your building. 

Maintaining your dryers' vents is essential for ensuring they work efficiently, but you may not be familiar with the various tasks that go into this chore. By understanding the importance of have the exterior part of the vent screened and how the cleaning process is done, you will have a better understanding of what it will take to help your dryers work as efficiently as possible. Click here for more information about commercial dryer vent cleaning.