Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

Proactive Maintenance For Improving Your Home's HVAC System

by Yolanda White

Unfortunately, some homeowners wait until their HVAC system has problems before they even have it inspected. Instead of waiting, you should concentrate on proactive maintenance. By taking the time to find smaller problems first, you may be able to avoid larger issues that will increase your repair costs in the future.

Regular Inspection

Even though your HVAC system may be functioning well right now, you want to make sure it will keep working. The internal or external portions of your system can stop working if one piece breaks or loosens too much. To prevent problems from occurring, it is a good idea to have your system inspected once a year. These inspections are not mandatory, but you can increase your chances of being able to repair your air conditioner instead of having to replace in the near future.

During an inspection, technicians look for problems such as loose bolts, clogged vents, leaking Freon and frayed wires. These are only a few issues that could make your HVAC system break down. In some cases, it is less about keeping the unit work and more about protecting your home and family. Frayed wires, for example, are a safety issue because these damaged wires could lead to an electrical fire.

Getting your HVAC system inspected regularly is a good way to help it stay functional. The technician may not find an issue with your system during each inspection, but when they do find a small problem, you have the ability to fix it quickly.

Update Unit Parts

Another reason to have an inspection is that the technician can tell you which pieces need updating. All pieces of equipment have parts that may break too soon. To avoid this problem, you can ask the HVAC technician about your specific model and the issues it can develop. Many qualified technicians have worked on various heating and air conditioning units and many of them keep a list of known issues. With this information, they can explain the most of the problems you can experience and then the technician can update the parts before any of them can break.

Keeping your heat on during the winter and air conditioning working in the summer is a good thing. However, to do this without having a major breakdown first, you need to be proactive about the unit's maintenance. By taking the opportunity to have an HVAC company inspect your system, the technician can find problems while they are small and allow you to fix them before they cause your unit to fail completely.