Keeping Your AC System Cleaner

Preparing Your Furnace For Next Winter At The End Of Winter

by Yolanda White

As the winter season starts to come to an end, the warmth of spring starts to take center stage. Instead of looking for ways to warm your home, you will now be looking for ways to cool your home. Consequently, you won't be using your furnace. While you won't be using your furnace, this doesn't mean you should simply turn it off and expect it to work just fine next winter. The end of winter serves as an excellent time to ensure your furnace is ready for next winter.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Most homeowners only think about replacing or cleaning their furnace filter when they are using the system. However, it's equally important to change your filter at the end of the winter season. Although you won't be using the furnace, dust and other debris can still accumulate inside the system.

Filters work as a trap for this debris. If you have a dirty or old filter inside the unit, any accumulation could easily end up in other components of the system. An excessive dust accumulation could prevent your furnace from functioning correctly once you power it on again. When the filter is clean, you don't have to worry about this accumulation or a malfunction. If your filter must be replaced, replace it with the same model. If it can be cleaned, use a mild soap and water mixture to do so and make sure it is fully dry before putting it back.

Professional Inspection

The end of the winter season is also an excellent time to have your furnace inspected by a professional. This is important for two reasons. First, if there are any problems with your furnace, this gives you a longer period of time to budget for costly repairs. If you wait until it's cold again and find out that you need to make costly repairs to your unit, you won't have had time to save. An inspection at the end of winter gives you time to plan.

Secondly, during the winter months of the year, most furnace repair technicians are very busy. When a technician is busy, you could wait a considerable time before the repair is made. Have your unit inspected at the end of the season so that you can get ahead of the crowd.

When it comes to how well your furnace runs, you play a very important role. Once winter begins to come to an end, make it a point to ensure your furnace will be ready for the next winter, when it rolls around. Contact a company like Coral Home Comfort to get started.