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6 Things To Consider Before Building A Tiny House

by Yolanda White

The tiny house trend is sweeping the nation. In fact, over 24 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 said they would definitely live in a tiny house, or consider it. While living in under 400 square feet --no, that's not a typo-- may not be for everyone, it definitely has its appeal, from a reduced carbon footprint to living without a mortgage. There are many things to consider, however, before you build a micro home of your own.

1. Space: Can you downsize and live in just a few hundred square feet? Paring down your possessions to just a few key pieces of furniture, only the dearest mementos, and limited outfits may not be for everyone. Think long and hard about what you can fit in your new space --and what you can't-- before jumping in with both feet.

2. Mobility: When building a tiny house, one of the first questions that is often posed is whether or not your tiny home will be mobile. In fact, many tiny homes are built using flat bed trailers as their base. This ensures that they are road legal and can be moved from place to place, as needed.

3. Location: If you prefer to live in one spot, you need to consider your location. Some municipalities are more welcoming to tiny homes than others. Purchasing land is a big investment, both in the cost of the land and in the necessary improvements. Many tiny home dwellers are now banding together to live in small communities, which can help spread the cost out. 

4. Heating and Cooling: Although your new space may be small, it still needs a heating and cooling system. A standard furnace and air conditioning unit, however, will not do the trick. It is just too massive. Talk to a heating contractor like Best Way Heating Inc about your options, including green heating solutions for your tiny home. 

5. Cost: The average tiny house costs about 23k to construct. While some may save up in order to pay cash, others may need a short-term loan to make it happen. Luckily, there are small loans available through lending institutions for those who need it.

6. Skill Set: Do you have the skills to build your own home? The tiny house community makes it pretty easy to figure it all out. There are classes, videos, and even an 'Amish barn raiser' offered by the pioneers over at Tumbleweed. They build the shell for you, and you just finish the inside.